The project

Project Presentationdetails
THE PROJECT "EVERYDAY LIFE AND FESTIVITIES IN THE CASTLES OF THE GREAT PLAIN – CENTURIES OF THE ALMÁSY CASTLE IN GYULA” In 2012 the local government of the town Gyula was granted HUF 2,189,530,372 for the execution of the project “Everyday life and festivities in the castles of the Great Plain – centuries of the Almásy castle in Gyula”, reference number DAOP-2.1.1/G-11-k-2012-0001

Project Executiondetails
A few words about the execution of the project... In February 2014, after the ceremonial signing of the contract, the works on the castle started by transferring the construction area. After the test investigations during the preparation phase the demolition started, which included the cleaning of the castle's building and taking off the deteriorated outer layer of the building.

Planned exhibitions in the castle In the renewed exhibitions rooms of the Harruckern-Weinckheim-Almásy castle visitors get an insight into the former eating habits, meals and daily schedule of the castle owners and their staff, the tasks of the individual staff members (e.g. the doorkeeper, the butler), the clothing, the functions of the individual rooms in the castle, the technology used for heating and lighting, the intangible trends, culture and arts of the era, etc.

Reconstruction of the Castle Gardendetails
The central feature of the “Everyday life and festivities in the castles of the Great Plain – centuries of the Almásy Castle in Gyula” project focuses on restoring, rehabilitating and replanting the park of the Almásy Castle Visitor Centre.  

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